Photo Guidelines

Please ensure that the photo you select for your portrait is...


Professional Quality: Aesthetic quality is more important than the photo's size or even composition. A professional photographer is more likely to produce a quality image and avoid blunders such as harsh lighting, unintentional blur or an amateurish camera angle.

Relaxed: It's a portrait, not a snapshot. The person should look like they could comfortably hold that pose and that expression for hours. Notice, too, that the closer their smile is to their natural at-rest expression, the more attention will go to the eyes, where it belongs.

Focused: Eyes staring straight into the camera often make the most captivating portraits, but an intent averted gaze can be quite striking, too. Distraction isn't striking at all, and, alas, there is no fix for "supposed to be looking at the camera but for some reason isn't." 

Of a Single Individual: While individual portraits can be taken from a couple or group photo, Amanda Kaylon's dramatic style depends on certain artistic rules that a multiple-subject drawing simply cannot follow.  Let each person have their own turn to be captivating.


Example Photos